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24hrs. Home Care FAQ

What services do the live-in caregiver offer?

Private hire live-in caregiver does almost anything that a family member would do to help out by moving in with the elderly clients. Caregiver’s services are included keeping your loved ones’ house maintained, cooking and cleaning, assisting your loved one with just about anything that they need physical help with (dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, walking, and transferring)

They feed the house-pets, walk the dog, water the plants, and bring in the mail etc.

Caregiver will assist with food-shopping, drive your loved one to see some of her/his friends, or your dad or mom to the veteran event etc.

A private hire live-in caregiver can assist with medications and take your dad or mom to the foot doctor, or mom to dialysis 2 times a week etc. The caregiver can be like a personal assistant to the care recipient, or in memory care cases like dementia, take charge and safely guide the care recipient through the daily lives.

A live-in Caregiver will help your parents live safe and comfortable at their own home years longer than would otherwise be possible, to the great joy of your mom or dad.

How does a Live -in Caregiver work?

Your caregiver will work every day and who will assist on-call overnight for emergencies.

A single caregiver will live a separate bedroom in the care recipient's home and attend to the care recipient as needed all day long, then sleep over "just in case" help in needed overnight.

It’s the same caregiver all month long.

Not multiple people coming and going all day and night.

That is the best for continuality of care services.

A live-in Caregiver works mostly 12-16 hrs. each day.

So, the caregiver gets an unpaid sleep shift of 8 hrs. off each night.

For these 8 hrs., your caregiver is on-call. Your caregiver will get up in case of an emergency or to help your mom or dad to the commode, but otherwise the caregiver needs to be left alone to sleep and recharge for next day.

Most 7-day live-in care cases are done with the live-in covering 6 days/6 nights and the family or a separate home care agency providing coverage for the live-in caregiver’s one day off per week.

If that is not an option, then the live-in caregiver will stay the 7th day as long as they are allowed respite during the week (a few 2 or 3 hours breaks to leave the home usually is enough).

What does ‘In Good Hands’ do for you?

We will recruit and screen a best experienced live- in caregiver on the private hire field.

Our duty is to find and screen live-in caregiver who meet your family’s needs.

Then we set you up with a FLSA compliant domestic payroll service to pay them following all state and federal laws, or you can offer your best option for it. You can even get workers comp insurance for 100% liability protection with 24/7 peace of mind.

Then you will have your primary Caregiver. The most trustable thing about live-in care is that you can get a premium experienced caregiver for about 1/2 of the rate that an agency will charge for 24 hr., home-care. Plus, your caregiver will sleep over unpaid each night and be on-call just in case your loved ones are needed. You know that with live-in caregiver’s care is that you get one person instead of an agency sending multiple caregivers to cover the same amount of time. This solution allows for your loved one and the care provider can bond just as extended family members.

More information about Live-In Domestic Service Worker/Caregiver?

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In Home Care Solutions

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In Good Hands, we offer well experienced, In-Home Care Solution services to each of our clients. Our In-home care services take all your specific requests and demands into consideration and guarantee personalized attention.

Whatever the hours of days, our specialized caregivers are readily available to serve at your own care needs.